DALLAS – January 9, 2019 – Introducing our newest MSLED, the MSLED 10 XB2. At 17.5″ wide, the MSLED 10 XB2 is the smallest of the low-profile MSLED series. The series is designed for standard broadcast studio grids and also work great in low-profile or low-ceiling applications for key light, fill, side or backlight talent on chroma key or interview sets. The MSLED 10 XB2 generates a single, soft shadow that wraps the subject in an elegant wash. PrimeTime LED and heatsink technology uses no fan. PrimeTime LEDs are perfect for broadcast studios, film production, broadcast worship services, distance learning or video conference facilities. Manufactured in the USA with PrimeTime’s innovative design, energy-saving LED technology for cool and professional talent illumination.

The MSLEDs are preeminent soft light LED broadcast studio luminaires with plenty of throw and outperform panel lights.

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