About PrimeTime Lighting Systems

The roots of PrimeTime Lighting Systems date back to 1975 when KW/2 PrimeTime Lighting was formed in Dallas, TX, under the name Solar Kinetics, to design and manufacture advanced, cost-effective, clean energy-related products, including some of the world’s largest solar collection fields. KW2 PrimeTime Lighting was selected by NASA to design and manufacture optical systems for the space station and has performed advanced technology research and development work for several other government and private venture enterprises.

From this highly technical, engineering and research-driven background emerged PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc., a premier LED and fluorescent lighting manufacturing organization. Manufactured in the USA, PrimeTime Lighting products have met the demands of discriminating broadcast studio lighting designers for over twenty-five years, providing a comprehensive portfolio of cool, energy-saving, image enhancing studio, newsroom, video and filmmaking LED lighting instruments.

All PrimeTime Lighting Systems products are designed and fabricated exclusively in the USA and are backed by a wealth of design and engineering credentials. PrimeTime’s LED fixtures are supported by a 5-year warranty. PrimeTime’s products can be found illuminating broadcast and cable news sets, film production studios, video conference facilities, worship sanctuaries, religious broadcasting studios, university sports studios, city council chambers and distance learning classrooms throughout the United States and in some foreign countries.

PrimeTime was founded by legendary race car driver and engineer, Gus Hutchison. On June 21, 2013, Dallas entrepreneurs Glen Harn and Cynthia Harn acquired PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. Hutchison remains deeply involved in the engineering and development of PrimeTime’s latest generation of new products. During 2014, PrimeTime expanded the LED product line with the GUS 51 LED Fresnel. Also introduced was the SLED Series. The 1SLED and low-profile MSLED LEDs were influenced by PrimeTime’s iconic 1SL and MSL fluorescents, but are in an LED class of their own. The SLEDs are extra bright and feature single shadow rendering with a consistent soft light output. All of PrimeTime’s LED fixtures are continuously upgraded.

Unique to the broadcast lighting industry, PrimeTime’s LED products are silent and do not require fans. “What makes us so much more efficient at keeping diodes cool is better engineering, better design and better materials,” according to Glen Harn.

Although KW/2 or KW2 branded lighting fixtures are still used in many studios, the company converted all brand names to PrimeTime in 2010 and the company is known as PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. The light fixtures, regardless of name, are a staple for broadcast studios and are manufactured with PrimeTime’s legendary performance, lasting durability, and high quality in Dallas, TX.

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