I received the “Gus51” LED Fresnel from Glen and expected it to be an excellent instrument. Gus Hutchinson’s engineering and design skills have always impressed me going back to the days of the 1SL255 CFL (still IMHO the best single “studio quality” CFL instrument ever manufactured). I’ve been “in the field” since the days of “Kliegl Bros.” and “Bardwell/McAlister” so I’ve pretty much seen it all. My first hands-on with “Gus 51” was a demo session for a prospective client, so I didn’t get any manual time. No problem, no instruction manual needed as it is a typical “Gus” design of ideal symbiotic “form and function.” The thing that really surprised me was the aperture and “field of light” itself - aside from being magnificently flawless and free from lens artifact - it did not perform like a typical 7” Fresnel. It performed like a much larger 10” or even 12” Fresnel. How remarkable!

Drew Jimenez
Lighting / Designer Consultant

"... I worked with you on a project to relight our TV Studio here at the College of Media & Communication ... I was very happy about the final product, and I decided to send you some pictures of the completed install. The 1SL255's are a terrific product, and they work very well in our space. I did end up getting them with the phase dimming option, and I'm using a couple dimmer packs to control the lighting in different areas. I was also able to light our "weather wall" with two 1SL255's and one MSL255. This is the first time we've been able to successfully use that part of our set. Overall, the upgrade in lighting was not only successful but has already made a difference in temperature and light intensity in the room. Thanks so much for your help on this project!”

Josh Robinson
Media Production Manager
Texas Tech University

"After dealing with Prime Time Lighting Systems on a Federal purchase, I endorse them whole-heartedly, for their professional demeanor and technical expertise. They were very accommodating with attention to detail; ensuring I was completely informed and comfortable with their recommendations regarding our studio lighting requirements. After a thorough bid and review process, they not only came highly recommended by other professionals in the field, but had the winning bid as well. We are very pleased with our studio lighting package!"

David J. Whiteford
A/V Producer and Dispute Resolution
Department of Justice. Auoroa, CA

"We purchased a package of about 20 fluorescent lights from PrimeTime Lighting back in 2004. We use these lights in the studio for about 10-20 hours per week and every single one is still working perfectly! Eight years in production with 100% success is a great thing, and to top it off, I think I have only had to replace about 4 or 5 lamps over that period as well! These are workhorse lights that save us tons of money over traditional fixtures; they don't emit heat, they use much less power, and they last forever, not to mention, they make my studio look fantastic on camera! Thank you Prime Time Lighting - you guys are top notch!"

Will Raymond
Vice President of Technical Services
STUDIOS 121 Haltom City, TX

"PrimeTime Lighting rocks! I have been extremely happy with my totally self-contained fluorescent light kit and especially pleased with the service provided by PrimeTime Lighting Systems. Because of the interchangeable lamps, dimmers, diffusion, etc. the kit has proven to be excellent for interviews in various environments. A previous identical kit was stolen from my van and they quickly both re-created the invoice for me to verify proof-of-purchase with my insurance company, and then replaced the entire system quickly to minimize my downtime. When a fixture once needed repair, they replaced it promptly. I highly recommend PrimeTime Lighting Systems for your field and studio lighting needs."

Jim Staylor
Staylor-Made Communications, Inc. San Diego, CA

"channelAustin owns a number of PrimeTime lighting instruments purchased in 2009 from Olden Lighting in Austin, Texas. Most are used daily in three busy Public Access television studios. Their performance has been entirely satisfactory. The light they produce is very flattering to the appearance of the talent in the studios. I hope we will be able to add more in the future so that even more energy and lamp replacement costs can be saved."

Jim D. Wynn CPBE®
Austin, TX

"The Pros at Prime Time delivered on-time, and on-budget. No delays and no excuses. Prime Time Rocks!"

Jim Harmon
Producer/Editor, Asst. Director of Broadcast
Garland City TV Garland, TX

"In 1995, I was looking for a source of reflective metal to use to build our own fluorescent studio light fixtures. When I visited the PrimeTime (KW/2 then) plant in Dallas, Gus and several engineers I spoke to said “Why don’t you let us build these for you?” I saw your facilities and engineering expertise and decided to give it a go. With just a few basic drawings from me, your team came up with a 2, 4, and 6 light fixtures. Man was I pleasantly surprised. The light output was consistent with no flickering and a steady color temperature of 3100 degrees Kelvin. They had a nice broad field that could be controlled with the egg crates you designed. Those fixtures and more are still in use at KXII-TV studios in Sherman, Texas and Ardmore, Oklahoma. I highly recommend PrimeTime Lighting Systems."

Randy Wells
Chief Engineer
KXII-TV Sherman, Texas

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