GUS 51 LED Fresnel

The Incredibly Bright GUS 51 LED Fresnel

We’ve built a top-quality LED Fresnel studio light that is incredibly bright and requires NO FAN. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA with a FIVE-YEAR Warranty.

Glen Harn, PrimeTime’s CEO said, “What makes us so much more efficient at keeping diodes cool is better engineering, better design and better materials.” Built in the USA with a FIVE-YEAR Warranty. To find a dealer or systems integrator near you, call us at 214-393-5998.

GUS 51 LED Fresnel Specifications

Features of the GUS 51 LED Fresnel Broadcast Studio Light​

  • Built with PrimeTime’s uncompromising engineering standards and our unique Therma-draw™ heat dispersion technology resulting in a bright light that is cool to the touch and dead quiet.
  • FIVE-YEAR Warranty
  • No Fan
  • Super-wide focus range – adjustable from a tight 11° beam angle at full spot to a wide 80° field angle at full flood
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • 6.25″ Micro-Fresnel lens – with unique optic engineering to create a soft edge light wash
  • Our high-quality lens system with advanced optics results in the most even wash of light you’re likely to find in any LED Fresnel, with less than 2.8% decrease in brightness from center to outer edge
  • PrimeTime’s Steady Glide™ focusing transport may be the smoothest you’ll experience in an LED Fresnel
  • 100% machined, extruded, and formed aluminum construction
  • We under-drive the diodes in ALL our LED products to extend diode life and color balance
  • 95+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) results in accurate color rendition, even with ultra high-def TV production
  • 98+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index)
  • Highest quality diodes – rated at 50K+ hours lifetime
  • Rotating and locking barndoors, recently redesigned to best cut and shape light
  • Saves energy, draws 60 watts
  • Accepts 5-pin XLR cables
  • Equivalent to 750-watt incandescent 
  • Equipped with DMX and digital display interface
  • Available in either Daylight or Tungsten color temperature
  • Manufactured in the U.S. with PrimeTime’s unmatched build-quality with lasting durability and rigorous engineering standards

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Full 5-Year Warranty