The Soft Shadow MSLED 10-S

Talent looks fantastic with the MSLED 10-S with the new optics that result in even Lambertian light distribution. The MSLED 10-S generates a single, soft shadow that wraps the subject in an elegant wash. Using PrimeTime’s innovative energy-efficient LED technology, this light has no fan. Perfect for television broadcast studios, film production, broadcast worship services, distance learning or video conference facilities.

The MSLED series is designed for standard broadcast studio grids and also work great in low-profile or low-ceiling applications for key light, fill, side or backlight talent on chroma key or interview sets. The MSLEDs feature soft shadow wraparound for optimal talent lighting and out-perform panel lights. Manufactured in the USA with PrimeTime’s innovative design, energy-saving LED technology for cool and professional talent illumination. 

Features of the MSLED 10-S Broadcast Studio LED Light

  • New optics result in even Lambertian distribution
  • Uncompromised engineering standards – NO FAN, no noise, no vibration
  • Bright, single shadow rendering with a consistent soft light output for optimal talent lighting. Enables talent to stay cool and composed
  • FIVE-YEAR Warranty
  • Energy-efficient – saves power by only drawing 40 Watts
  • Highest quality Light Emitting Diodes (LED) – 50,000 hour rated lifetime
  • High Color Rendering Index of 95+ (95+ CRI)
  • Amazing soft shadow for wraparound light quality 
  • No Fan! Passive cooling, completely silent
  • Perfect for low ceiling applications
  • Built by hand in America with PrimeTime’s legacy of high performance, superior quality, and durability
  • Available in Tungsten or Daylight color temperature
  • Passive cooling – all of our LED products stay cool and bright because of our innovative engineering
  • Long lasting LED saves on staff maintenance
  • Equipped with DMX and digital display interfac

MSLED 10-S Specifications

PrimeTime Lighting Systems

Full 5-Year Warranty