Professional Video Conference Lighting

Create your corporate zoom room with PrimeTime video conference lights so your team will appear natural and healthy. Many organizations, much like yours, look to cost savings initiatives that will improve their bottom line without sacrificing performance. Minimizing travel expenses through the use of video conference capabilities is one such way to achieve this. But don’t rely on the regular room lighting to illuminate your team in video conference meetings.

This down light casts unhealthy shadows under participants’ eyes, nose and chin, creating an unpleasant looking video image that can be counter-productive to meeting success. PrimeTime Lighting has a line of recessed and semi-recessed cool video conference lighting instruments that direct light onto participants’ faces at an angle, minimizing unsightly shadows, and maximizing meeting productivity with broadcast quality video imagery.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

PrimeTime Lighting Systems

Guaranteed 5-Year Warranty