DALLAS – September 16, 2022 – American broadcast studio LED lighting manufacturer, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, announced they have ample components in stock to supply custom-built broadcast studio LED lights for television studios by year-end. Because some television stations allocate year-end budgets for studio improvements, PrimeTime can usually deliver fast.

PrimeTime builds a longer-lasting commercial-grade LED studio light and guarantees them for 5 years. Lights are developed with the highest engineering standards and are built to last. PrimeTime features passive cooling that enhances the longevity of its complete line of studio LED lights.

PrimeTime CEO, Glen Harn states, “our LED lights are built to order in Dallas, TX with materials sourced in the United States wherever possible. DMX controls are built in the northern U.S. Our metal is laser cut in Garland, fabricated in our Dallas factory, and powder coated at a Dallas facility. Lights are then assembled in our Dallas plant by dedicated employees that have been with us since the 90s.”

Products include the GUS 51 LED Fresnel broadcast studio light, a 60W Fresnel with a 6.25-inch lens with a super-wide focus range – adjustable from a tight 11° beam angle at full spot to a wide 80° field angle at full flood.

The SLED series features bright but soft shadow lights including the 1SLED-S. Versatile low-profile lights include the popular MSLED 20-S, MSLED 40-S, MSLED 10-S, and the smallest of the series, the MSLED 5-S.

PrimeTime’s lights are engineered for 100% passive cooling. Harn is so confident of his LED product quality that he guarantees them for five years.

Harn added, “PrimeTime continuously looks for ways to improve our product for our end users – make it user-friendly, perform better and last longer.”

About PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.

Known for innovative and high engineering standards, PrimeTime Lighting Systems manufactures top-quality, commercial-grade LED lighting fixtures for television broadcast and audio-visual industries. PrimeTime’s U.S.-built products can be found in broadcast and cable news sets, production studios, religious broadcasting studios, university sports studios, city council chambers, and distance learning classrooms throughout the United States. PrimeTime luminaires, with a five-year warranty, have been recognized for over 25 years for high performance, lasting durability and quality.