Shipment & Claims Procedures

Common Carrier

  1. Note damages or shortages on the copy of delivery receipt that you are asked to sign. Be descriptive and include a good count.
  2. Request that driver call their Over, Short Damaged department (OS&D) for an exception number.
  3. Take pictures of damaged goods if possible.
  4. Write “subject to count and inspection” on delivery ticket.
  5. Call PrimeTime Lighting Systems to report shortages or damage and fax a copy of the delivery ticket.
  6. You may reject the entire shipment if more than 50% shows damage; or you may only reject only the damaged units.
  7. If you accept any damaged cartons you must write on the delivery ticket “subject to inspection”.

UPS / Fed-Ex

  1. Cartons showing obvious damage should be rejected.
  2. Sign only for the number of cartons you are accepting.
  3. Write down all tracking numbers, noting which you are accepting.
  4. Call PrimeTime Lighting Systems, to report shortage or damages within 24 hours.

We will give you disposition of the damaged goods.